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Do puberty blockers work better for Scottish children than they do for English children?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

An FOI Request from ScotPAG to the Sandyford Clinic, in the light of recent research findings

27th September 2023

Clinical Director

Young People’s Gender Service

Sandyford Clinic

2 – 6 Sandyford Place


G3 7NB

Dear Clinical Director,

Freedom of Information request

You may be aware of the recent re-analysis of Tavistock data relating to the mental health of forty-four children and young people prescribed puberty blockers (PBs). This showed that 71 per cent either “reliably deteriorated” in terms of their mental health (34%) or showed no change (37%), while just 29 per cent “reliably improved” twelve months after taking puberty blockers.

1. Can you please indicate whether or not the Sandyford Clinic collects mental health data on children and young people who have been prescribed PBs.

2. If it does, can you say whether that data has been carefully analyzed (bearing in mind that the original Tavistock analysis was statistically flawed, and thus failed to identify that their data was bimodally distributed).

3. Finally, if the Sandyford data has been analyzed, can you let me know the outcomes in terms of reliable improvement, reliable deterioration and no reliable change.

Yours sincerely,

Dr John Higgon

Convenor, Scottish Professionals Advising on Gender

Copy: The Freedom of Information Manager

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Board Corporate Headquarters

JB Russell House

Gartnavel Royal Hospital

1055 Great Western Road


G12 0XH

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