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Suggestions for up-to-date papers on gender ideology, gender dysphoria and related topics pertaining to health, education, and social work, always welcome


Puberty blockers for children : Can they consent?

The New Bioethics 
A Multidisciplinary Journal of Biotechnology and the Body
Volume 28, 2022 - Issue 3

Dr Antony Latham, retired GP and Chair of The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics  


Nursing Research

Gender dysphoria in young people: The Interim Cass Review and its implications for nursing

Sinead Helyar PhD, Laura Jackson MSc, Robin Ion PhD


Sex, gender and nursing

Sex, gender and nursing

Robin IonLeanne PatrickMark HayterDebra Jackson


Gender Dysphoria:

Reconsidering ethical and iatrogenic factors in clinical practice

George Halasz and Andrew Amos

Sage Journals, November 9 2023


Gender-questioning teenagers: puberty blockers and hormone treatment vs placebo

Technical paper
from Sex Matters


Use of statistics in the Scottish Government publication ‘Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools’

an analysis by Murray Blackburn Mackenzie raising a range of concerns

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