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Color Pencils

10 Key Facts
about pupils in schools

1.  Sex is real, gender is a social construct. Sex and gender are different from each other (Gender is a shifting concept, defined by our cultural context, our expectations & the expectations of others. Our biological sex

cannot be changed but our biological sex is impacted by our cultural context).



2. A sense of gender identity is neither innate nor universally experienced

(different cultures and countries have different responses to being male or female). For the vast majority of teenagers, completing puberty is the solution to experiences of gender dysphoria or gender questioning. As young adults, individuals adapt to their sexual orientation be that straight or gay.



3.     A focus on gender identity in schools rather than biological

sex, perpetuates traditional or old fashioned stereotypes about what it means to be male or female. The current promotion of gender identity is regressive NOT progressive.



4.    There’s increasing evidence that gender identity is a social

phenomenon influenced by friends, the internet and social

meeting places, eg school.



5.    The majority of children and teenagers who are gender questioning

and develop gender dysphoria have had other mental health issues prior

to being gender dysphoric eg anxiety, self-harming behaviour, autism,

ADHD, Looked After children, trauma etc. A young person with

any of these issues is at much greater risk of thinking they are ‘trans’. 



6.    There is no good, robust evidence for the existence of

an internalized concept of gender identity established from birth

or during early childhood. The idea of affirming a child or

teenager as ‘trans’ so that they can ‘be who they really are’

is a false one.



7.    There is growing evidence about the harms caused by gender identity ideology, both psychologically and physically: affirmation and social

transition serve to reinforce a delusion; the Cass Report states that these are not neutral acts.



8.    There is a growing number of detransitioners reporting physical and psychological harm….most of which is irreversible and they will have to live with that damage for the rest of their lives.



9.  There is no evidence for inflated or above average suicide rates relating to children and young person who say that they are ‘trans’.



10. The Scottish Government Guidance Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools was written by trans activists and was not balanced by professionals with expertise in education or child development. It is shockingly flawed with regard to its lack of use of robust evidence. It actively promotes gender

ideology in schools. It is not a legislative requirement for schools

to implement it. 

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