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We are a group of professionals who have come together collaboratively, to share our knowledge and concern about the present modes of understanding and treatment of what has come to be known as gender dysphoria, or 'transgender' issues

Our group consists of people who have worked in Medicine, Education, Nursing, Clinical Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, Social Work, and Psychotherapy. Collectively we have worked in the NHS, schools, universities, social services, and 3rd sector organisations

A short article about the evolution of the group, its rationale and aims, is on our blog/news section. Click here: 

Our convenor is Dr. John Higgon, Clinical Neuropsychologist

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A statement on use of language  

Gender ideology has generated a range of terminologies causing significant confusion and disagreement. This website acknowledges that such terms as ’trans’, ’transgender’, ’transsexual’ ‘gender dysphoria’ ‘ gender incongruence’ etc are interpreted differently by different groups and there is no agreement about what any of these definitions (and others) mean. For the purpose of managing this confusing context, this website will use the terms gender dysphoria and gender questioning while taking cognizance of the variation of understanding that exists currently 

ScotPAG is always interested to hear from health, education, or social work professionals, in relation to compelled use of language in the workplace. This might be in situations where a person feels it is impossible to object, or to express an opinion without sanctions.

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