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Why does the Scottish Government shun professional expertise? FOIs and representation

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Consultation with knowledgeable and experienced professionals is essential to the Scottish government, in ensuring wellbeing and safeguarding within all public services

As a group of professionals concerned about the potential harms that the promotion of gender ideology can cause for children and young people, we are working to make our concerns heard by everyone including the Scottish Government and those in decision making positions. We are doing this through this website, X/Twitter and the media. We also plan to make our concerns heard via relevant government consultation processes.

We will, for example, contribute to the Conversion Therapy Consultation process when it becomes live next year. It is our expectation that this and other future consultation processes do not follow the same path as the GRRB process, as detailed by independent policy analysts, Murray, Blackburn Mackenzie. (link here) What is clear from the FOIs is that written submissions to the GRRB consultation were from a broad range of groups and professionals, a number of which were gender critical. What is also clear is that PREDOMINANTLY individuals and groups supportive of the GRRB only were invited to give evidence to msps. Those groups and individuals with genuine worries about the impact on women and children were excluded from the opportunity in parliament to voice legitimate concerns.

Our democratic processes and effective safeguarding procedures are dependent upon hearing and publicly acknowledging legitimate concerns from a balance of groups and professionals. It is our expectation that in future the Scottish Government and supporting professionals will function to allow the concerns of all to be represented and heard.

Link to 'The room where it happens', a blog on FOIs by Murray Blackburn Mackenzie:

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