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FOI Education Scotland - A Closed Shop?

In the light of critical voices not being heard, we are submitting the following questions to Education Scotland (the regulatory body for Scottish schools) under Freedom of Information.

We are interested in the reasons why Education Scotland remains silent about the many safeguarding concerns expressed by parents & professionals, regarding the gender ideologies being promoted in Scottish schools via guidance & the RSHP. Organisations such as Sex Matters, For Women Scotland, Transgender Trend, Safeguarding Our Schools, & Scottish Union for Education have repeatedly pointed to the harmful implications of promoting an unevidenced ideology, yet Education Scotland appears to have nothing to say on the matter.

We therefore ask the following four important questions as FOIs for Education Scotland regarding the Inspection of Health and Wellbeing in schools curricula:

1. Please outline the framework Education Scotland has used to assess how schools have delivered the curriculum regarding LGBTQ+ issues.

2. Please provide information explaining how Education Scotland has verified schools which have been viewed as worthy of a high rating regarding curricular support of LGBTQ+ issues?

3. Please provide information outlining how Education Scotland ensures that all Scottish schools provide a curricular balance of views, beliefs and facts regarding LGBTQ+ issues.

4. Please provide data relevant to all of the above including numbers of schools with high LGBTQ+ ratings and high wellbeing ratings.


November 2023

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